5HHCY-32 (cross flow) grain dryer


5HHCY-32 (cross flow) grain dryer

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·Upper and lower auger design: The original upper and lower auger structure of the dryer is cancelled. The elevator adopts inclined chute for grain feeding and discharging, and the grains fall freely under their own weight without crushing.


·Design of large air volume by pushing forward and pulling back: The drying section is equipped with 3 diagonal fans, one fan at the air inlet provides positive air pressure, and two fans at the air outlet suction air to balance the air volume, reduce resistance, and improve the utilization rate of hot air.


·Large drying section design: the height of the drying section is more than 1.6m, the two sections are combined, the strength is high, and the drying layer is reasonable, stable flow rate, uniform drying, and high drying rate.


· Separate dust removal design: Separate dust removal fans and pipes are installed at the head of the hoist, which can take away the dust and light impurities in the grain circulation process in time, so that the grains are cleaner, the dust in the processing room is greatly reduced, and the operation is improved On-site environmental quality.


· Automatic temperature adjustment control: The inlet of the air is equipped with the relevant air door and the air door, and the temperature of the hot air can always be controlled within the range of ±5-7°C of the set temperature according to the set temperature requirements and the temperature tested by the temperature sensor.


·Accurate moisture control: The control interface of the new electric control box is clearer, and the program control of various materials such as rice, wheat, rapeseed and corn has been added. The selected materials can be dried with one button. Different moistures can be dried at different temperatures. Good to ensure the quality of the material; the electric control box can choose domestic moisture meter or imported moisture meter and new sensor moisture meter (under test and will be promoted after success) to ensure that the moisture measurement is within ±0.5% to ensure grain quality.


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